LOCKLAND, Ohio (WXIX) – Firefighters have put out the fire at a Lockland business where large clouds of smoke could be seen from far away.
The fire broke out at 524 N Wayne Avenue in Lockland around 12 p.m. Friday, according to Lockland Fire Chief Doug Wehmeyer. A Google search of that address shows a business, Arise Auto Center, is at that address. The business’s Facebook page says they are an auto recycling company.
Along with 30 to 50 vehicles that caught fire, five semis filled with tires were also involved, the chief said.
Firefighters had to be washed down because they were in contact with hazardous materials at the fire.
“In this situation, with the amount of petroleum, that’s there, both from the tires and from gasoline and oil, we’re trying to wash that off of the firefighter, so what you’re seeing here, the decontamination line; every firefighter that was on scene was decontaminated,” explained Chief Wehmeyer.
Now that the fire is out, officials’ concerns turn to nearby Mill Creek.
There is worry the creek could become contaminated due to the proximity of the business and Mill Creek, Chief Wehmeyer explained.
There is no contamination at this point, but runoff from any rain could lead into the creek, he said.
“We were able to determine through the hazardous materials unit that at this point, nothing has reached the Mill Creek,” Chief Wehmeyer said. “That doesn’t mean that groundwater if it rains over the next few days, won’t cause that to happen.
EPA and hazmat teams are on scene.
Potential air pollution is not a concern because smoke “went up” in the air, and there are no residences close by, the chief added.
Drone video shows the aftermath of the fire once firefighters extinguished the flames.
Two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion, Chief Wehmeyer. One of the firefighters went to the hospital.
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