If you want to learn more about blockchain, or you would like to network with other Web3 enthusiasts, then the Berlin Blockchain Week from September 12th to the 18th is the place for you!
Berlin Blockchain Week is hosted throughout the city of Berlin as a community driven initiative, gathering blockchain enthusiasts and crypto lovers to the capital of Germany. The focus of the week is on education and creating an inclusive environment for Web3, and reducing market noise.
The Lisk team is aiming to be a key contributor as they will be present for multiple events during the week. There are multiple events planned to take place at the Lisk Center, as well as team members taking  part in panel discussions throughout the city.
Earlier this year, the Lisk Center in Berlin was host to the first Blockchain Day, which was a huge success. Following up on the success, Lisk is organizing the second edition of Blockchain Day during the Blockchain Week.
The focus this time will be on Blockchain Interoperability. Multiple organizations have been invited to participate and explain the topic from their perspective and landscape. The Lisk Research team will also be diving into Lisk Interoperability initiatives. 
With more than 130 attendees confirmed, the Lisk team is excited to spread the word about the project with developers and blockchain enthusiasts. The event is free and takes place on the 14th of September at the Lisk Center in Berlin.
As Interoperability is a hot topic during the Berlin Blockchain Week, Lisk will be hosting the panel discussion on the same topic at the Blockchain in Use Conference during the evening of the 15th of September.

The Conference is hosted with BerChain and Berlin Partner at the Factory Görlitzer Park. The focus of the event will be on key players within the web3 industry, looking at different use cases with panels on creative industries, interoperability and finance.

Lisk’s Head of Research, Alessandro Ricottone, will host the panel discussion on interoperability with panelists from Polkadot, Ocean Protocol and FileChain. The panel will dive into questions like: 
Moreover, the Lisk Center in Berlin will stand as host for Supporting Builders from A-Z during the evening of 15th of September. Together with CV Labs, ConsenSys and RedAlpine, the focus of the event will be to help developers understand the landscape of funding from different perspectives like the Lisk Grant Program, CV Labs Incubation Program, ConsenSys Startup Program to RedAlpine on Series A and later stage investments.
Additionally, there will be a focus on how the Lisk Grant Program has helped to expand the Lisk Ecosystem. 
If you are a developer and new into Web3, this event will be a great opportunity to learn about how to raise funding within the blockchain and crypto industry.
Lisk will also be a Platinum Sponsor at the CV Summit in Zug Switzerland, which takes place on September 14th. 
The summit is designed to showcase the Swiss blockchain ecosystem as one of the leading blockchain innovation and investment landscapes in the world. This unique event series gathers corporations, investors, and high-profile individuals in one place. 
Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda, Lisk’s Head of Platform Development, will participate in a debate on the State of Web3 Tech. Additionally, Naureen Mustafa, Lisk’s Head of Exchange Development, will be holding a keynote on DeFi’s potential beyond speculation.
We are very excited for all of the events planned for Berlin Blockchain Week. We hope to  grow awareness not only of the Lisk project, but of the important Web3 concepts as well.
Be sure to view the full list of events and sign-up for those you wish to attend on the official Berlin Blockchain Week Events page
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