CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Dailyn Ferguson’s family and dozens of others marched to the Lyndhurst Police Department to bring awareness to his unsolved murder, Friday afternoon.
“Dailyn was a pure hearted young man,” Dailyn’s mother, Tanisha Ferguson, said. “Dailyn wanted to see everyone win and I feel like if I don’t find justice, I feel like I’m letting Dailyn down.”
The young entrepreneur had big dreams with growing his business, DF Kickz.
He was shot and killed outside his store on Mother’s Day.
Police have persons of interest, but no sufficient evidence to make any arrests.
“My son wasn’t a street person. He had his own business, real steady young man, well-liked in all types of communities and I just want justice to be served, Dailyn’s father, Cedric Harrison, said. “Whoever did this, life in prison, no parole, no just getting off, no nothing.”
Both of Dailyn’s parents said they won’t give up on finding who killed him.
“This was my biggest fear raising a Black young man,” Ferguson said. “It’s been my biggest fear. It really has and I can’t believe it came true.”
Ferguson and Harrison hope the violence stops.
All they want is to bring him justice and carry on his legacy.
“I know there’s somebody out there that knows what happened, that knows why this happened, some type of clue,” Ferguson said. “I just don’t want to stop I can’t rest until my son rests.”
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