Lisk is a blockchain application platform that envisions a world where blockchain technology is accessible to everyone.
To make that happen, it has created a suite of open-source blockchain application development tools that enable developers to build blockchain apps using JavaScript and TypeScript — meaning they don’t have to learn a new programming language to start building with blockchain.
That, combined with Lisk Grant Program and tireless commitment to improving the Lisk Platform, is what the platform says is helping shape a vibrant and diverse ecosystem. While some of its features and functions are still in development, the ecosystem that’s emerging might give users a taste of what the future could look like as blockchain technology becomes more scalable, interoperable and accessible. 
The team at Lisk describes the Lisk plastform as “an ecosystem where developers and entrepreneurs can connect to create their own projects with the tools built by us.” To bring more of those developers and entrepreneurs into this ecosystem, Lisk is offering grants to support developers who want to build apps using Lisk’s open-source app-building platform. 
That’s helped blockchain developers work on innovative projects like virtual reality (VR) games, educational platforms and social media platforms. 
Topas City, for example, will be an immersive virtual world where users can explore a dystopian city and earn tokens by playing arcade games and trading in the marketplace. When they’re not earning, they can spend time socializing with other Topas residents at the 99 Bar or hanging out in their virtual apartment — or inside gated communities, luxury apartments and a private bar if they’re lucky enough to nab one of the rare Elite cards. 
Enevti will become a non fungible token (NFT) social media platform that moves NFTs beyond just art and collectibles, giving influencers new ways to engage with their audience. Specifically, the platform will offer influencers a way to make NFTs into smart utility assets that can be distributed to fans who can redeem them for things like one-on-one video calls, admission to exclusive events and physical gifts.  
Meanwhile, Kalipo is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) platform that will provide the tools needed for groups to collaborate online in a more democratic and transparent way. Those tools include online voting mechanisms that make shared decision-making easier and online fund management tools that bring transparency to raising and using funds for the organization. These tools can be used by groups of all sizes and all purposes from start-ups and nonprofits to neighborhood organizations or parent-teacher committees. 
As the research team continues to develop the platform and network, it reports nearing the finish line on achieving interoperability inside the Lisk ecosystem — meaning the apps built on the platform will, in the coming future, be able to communicate and transact with each other. 
Having published the core and supporting improvement protocols that would make that interoperability possible, the team is in the final phase of improving the interoperability solution and officially launching the Lisk blockchain application platform.
When that happens, users will be able to easily navigate between the different apps in the ecosystem and transfer NFTs and Lisk LSK/USD tokens between them quickly and efficiently. 
Once the Lisk ecosystem is fully interoperable, the team has its sights set on building cross-chain bridges that would make it interoperable with other blockchain networks, like Ethereum ETH/USD or Cosmos ATOM/USD  & Polkadot DOT/USD expanding the same kind of connectivity inside the Lisk Ecosystem across any blockchain network.
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