The Buccaneers looked like the Buccaneers. The Cowboys looked like they are headed for another season without a trip to the Super Bowl, especially if Dak Prescott seriously injured his hand.
Tom Brady and Tampa Bay took care of business with a 19-3 opening-day win at AT&T Stadium. Brady went 18-of-27 for 212 yards with a touchdown and an interception.
It would have been a blowout without Micah Parsons‘ two third-down sacks in the red zone and some Bucs’ miscues that led to field goals instead of touchdowns. Tampa Bay reached the Dallas 25, 20, 8, 4 and 29 on five first-half drives. They kicked four field goals and Ryan Succop missed a field goal.
The Bucs led 12-3 at halftime on Succop’s field goals of 44, 38, 29 and 47.
Parsons’ two sacks came on third-down plays in the red zone, one of which resulted in an elbow injury for left tackle Donovan Smith.
Prescott and the Cowboys couldn’t generate enough offense to stay with the Bucs, gaining only 243 yards.
But Prescott remained in the game with 6:02 remaining and the Cowboys down 19-3. His throwing hand connected with the hand of Bucs edge rusher Shaquil Barrett on his follow through.
Prescott left the game for the training room after being examined by Dr. Dan Cooper, the team’s head physician.
Prescott finished 14-of-29 for 134 yards and an interception before Cooper Rush replaced him. CeeDee Lamb caught only two passes on 11 targets for 29 yards; Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 52 yards on 10 carries; and right tackle Terence Steele had four penalties.
Does Jerruh still insist on rushing Tyron Smith back for Week 18 when Dallas is 6-10 or will he reconsider now?
Big mistake bringing McCarthy back.
Take care of business? They beat the Cowboys.. not really ‘business’ is it? More like a snow day…
And just think everyone 12 more Cowboy prime time games to go!
Whoops, somehow he’s still just a subpar QB! So totally frustrating, I mean, who could’ve ever seen this coming?!
Can we all acknowledge that the cowboys are basically trash! No one on that team is above average, except may Parsons.
Diggs got burned. Lamb could not produce like WR1 and Dak was miserable. So nice to see them in NFC E basement.
What’s America’s love with mediocre products?? Most valuable sports team is mediocre on the field.
Mcarthys cowboys are abysmal. Kellen Moore offense is subpar at best.
Between how the last season ended for the Cowboys and how this season has started, I’m guessing the market for Kellen Moore has cooled considerably.
Without a trip to the Super Bowl? They look like they would have a tough time winning the Sugar Bowl.
Nice off-season Jerruh & Stephon. It played out exactly like a lot of us thought it would and them some. I at least thought Dak would have to do some 4th quarter heroics before falling short but unfortunately he couldn’t even do that. Got absolutely beat up and has only ONE weapon to throw to.
Cowboys now 0-7 vs Brady.
Opening day, primetime, home game. To come out that flat is pathetic, disgusting and atrocious. Wait….maybe Mike McCarthy is the right guy to coach this team.
RIP Dallas offense.
“Sean, it’s Jerrah on the line. He says 250 million and not a penny more”….
Dak out several weeks….needs surgery. 2022 Cowboys is a train wreck
Zeke’s helmet was the only thing that looked good for the Dallas offense tonight
Winning in the NFL is hard enough with competent coaching and front office personnel…let alone doing it with an abysmal roster
How many primetime games of this dumpster fire?
This game was so boring. Tampa Bay looks rusty. If the Bucs beat the Saints next week, it’ll already be an improvement from last season.
Cowboys offensive line was atrocious!!
Bowles needs to stop sending the house on big downs. Still won’t learn his darn lesson despite getting burned over and over. If Dallas wasn’t such a trainwreck, Bucs would have coughed up the game yet again because Bowles wants to prove what a gutsy sob he is.
Otto Graham has 7 rings, I guess he is the GOAT.
Yeah, this is one of the off years. So 5-12?
I feel bad for NBC. They got like the 2 most boring games of the opening week. Sorry, but watching Brady and the Bucs is boring. Dallas did its part by being predictably futile in every phase.
You can always count on Brady beating the Cowboys. Also helps when Dallas has no deep threat and a shakier offensive line than the Bucs. Would have been a bigger blowout if Micah Parsons didn’t exist.
All of the Cowboys issues over the past 25+ years fall on JJ and he blames everyone else and does so to the media instead of keeping it in-house. What a jerk.
Dallas was the only teaming the NFL to not score a touchdown yesterday. Will they really miss Dak? I didn’t score a touchdown yesterday either, and I rode the couch all day.
Buc’s didnt look like world beaters in this game. The Boys need a new GM, asst.GM., and a new coach. New QB, a new offense. a new defense with real players and maybe some other things I forgot..
This is what happens when you trade your best WR for a case of beer and have no solid plan to replace him, have no depth on the OL, and have no solid backup QB plan. CeeDee is not Amari Cooper. His route running is average at best and his hands are inconsistent. He’ll make an amazing TD catch when they’re down 20 and then drop an easy pass that would have sustained a drive in a close game. Dak is a good QB but not elite. He needs better weapons around him to win games.
I’m not a McCarthy fan by any stretch, but he and Kellen Moore are handcuffed by the front office this season. I wouldn’t blame Will McClay if he bolts soon. His talent evaluation and draft skills are solid. In any other organization, he’d be building a team that could contend from year to year. In Dallas he has to deal with two buffoons in the front office who have no clue what they’re doing and a HC who has the most undisciplined Cowboys team since Dave Campo.
I’m looking forward to Jerry’s hot take on this game
What does $40 million a year get you…. “Prescott finished 14-of-29 for 134 yards and an interception”….. Jerry Jones playing checkers
Amazing how quickly you realize Sean Payton WILL be a head coach next year.
Unmentioned is how these Bucs 2nd string linemen completely erased the Dallas front 4 on so many running plays
That injury to Dakota does not explain the rest of the game. That team needs a wrecking ball.
Last year was the best opportunity the Cowboys have had in the past 20 years to finally get back to the Super Bowl. Everyone was healthy and they didn’t have any glaring weaknesses in a wide-open NFC. They had no excuses. But they choked at home against the Niners, thereby blowing the only legitimate chance they’ve had in the past couple decades. It may be another decade before they get that kind of opportunity. Even before the Dak injury, they were clearly trending down.
If Dallas is going to look the way they did last night for the rest of the season, they should be flexed out of prime time games. With or without Dak, watching that game was torture.
Jerry is the reason the Cowboys have not achieved the postseason success they covit.
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