Let's undertake to make our dreams come true
It has happened that they tell you: You are too old to undertake or you are too young, you are not going to last very long or in the worst case, I will give you three months and I see you looking for a real job. But because they tell us that for being dreamers, brave, builders of our future, only we know the skills and tenacity to make that dream come true and in the end those criticisms, none of those people will be there to help you lay the first stone of your entrepreneurship.
Belonging or related to the jubilee, it is joy, it is a party and of course retiring is quite a party, but are we prepared for that stage of life? You have asked yourself, what are you going to do when that great moment arrives’, many will say : I still have a long way to go, but you have thought about what you are going to do, live on your pension alone, you will look for alternatives to undertake so as not to depend on a pension, keep your mind busy and be able to make your dreams come true, things that you could not do for the job and now retired you can do it, your first bakery, craft and training event.
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Retirement is seen as the most longed-for stage of life, some see it as a dream to be achieved, even a “paradisiacal” dream, we look forward to it to enjoy new goals, share with the family, have more time to do what What we like, rest… The truth is that retirement is a personal construction, very subjective, that starts from day one when we start a job, and that its future success will depend on the decisions we make today, family, economic, personal, work, emotional and life projects that we have for the present and the future.
An irrefutable reality is that during our working life we ​​receive an income and that in the retirement stage that income decreases considerably, almost to less than 50% of the previous income, despite the pensions that we will receive if we work for a paid job.  So the question here has to do with how do I prepare financially to live in this stage of life? a stage in which there are also health or family contingencies.
A good option is to have an extra income, product of some life project that we have planned, of some passion or something that we like to do and that also provides us with an extra income. That would be a very desirable scenario, so that from the economic point of view the person can count on higher income to invest in their comprehensive quality of life.
Many young people today work and do not know who their Pension Operator is, they are not clear about their quotas and what is the age to retire, many leave this career until the last minute, a career where each quota counts and each colon also, because when we retire many things will change and that is where I come to tell you let’s start so as not to depend only on a pension. Let’s undertake to keep ourselves busy and active, let’s undertake to make our dreams come true and let’s undertake so that people from now on apart from their work have another activity where they can supplement their pension.
The important thing is to start today, not leave everything for tomorrow, remember that every empire begins by laying the first stone and today is a great day to build for our future. The pension is processed, but successful retirement is built from today.
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