In a fast-changing world, there are more opportunities than ever before for entrepreneurs, some of whom may be able to launch a business with little more than some great skills and an internet connection. However, greater opportunities also mean the potential for more pitfalls. Today’s successful entrepreneur needs many of the same things for success that entrepreneurs have always needed, but they must be modified for a world that is different from even the one of five years ago.
Getting an education before or while launching your business is still a great idea, providing you with connections and knowledge that will put you ahead of the pack. Some colleges offer a major in entrepreneurship or related areas. Alternately, you may need a degree that focuses on the skills you’ll need in a particular industry. You can also attend seminars, take online courses, and continue your education in other informal ways. To pay for your college education, you may want to look for scholarships. Unlike loans, you don’t have to pay these back, and they can cover many of your costs. You can search online for Going Merry college scholarships and similar opportunities.
Becoming an entrepreneur is all about problem solving. This is what the core of your business is about, creating a product or service that will solve a problem for someone somewhere. But over the course of running your business, you will also need to solve both big and small problems all the time. Look on problems as challenges and think of them as giving you the opportunity to hone your skills every time one arises. If you are an older entrepreneur starting your first business you might have some solid experience under your belt regarding problem solving from previous career experiences that you can touch on when needed in this new sector. 
To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be able to identify your customers and then market to them in a way that they will respond to. There are a lot of different elements to this. Your message has to be appealing and presented in a way that will pique their interest, but it also has to contain the basic information: what you are offering and why it is better than what the competitor offers. This means you’ll also need to research your competitors and understand how you are different. In addition, you need to be savvy about digital marketing even if your business is not primarily online. The power and reach of social media allow you to engage with your customers directly, but it’s important to choose the platforms where they gather and to be familiar with those platforms. You may want to work with a social media consultant if this is new territory for you.
Goals give you something to aim toward and help you measure how well you are doing, allowing you to make adjustments along the way. Set goals that are specific and that give you something to measure within a certain time frame. Be sure as well that you are measuring concrete accomplishments. High positive engagement on social media can be great, but is that garnering you new customers or solidifying the loyalty of existing ones? If not, you may need to reconsider your strategy.

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