The Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Induction Celebration, presented by JPMorgan Chase, honored four of the Commonwealth’s most accomplished entrepreneurs at a ceremony in November.
The mission of the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame is to raise awareness of the impact that entrepreneurship has made in the Commonwealth and encourage others to pursue similar ambitious endeavors.
2022 Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Inductees:
The induction celebration also honored 2022 emerging entrepreneurs, investor of the year, mentor of the year, and executive of the year.
2022 Emerging Entrepreneurs:
Investor of the Year: William H. (Bill) Lomicka, Chairman, Coulter Ridge Capital
Mentor of the Year: Jackson Andrews, Managing Director, Endeavor
Executive of the Year: Spencer Coates, Former President, Houchens Industries, Inc. (Retired)
“Entrepreneurs have made a tremendous impact in the state of Kentucky, and it’s imperative to support the innovation and drive behind these successful business leaders,” said Paul Costel, Region Manager for JPMorgan Chase in Kentucky. “Entrepreneurs have the courage to chase their dreams, and it’s exciting to see that passion within our communities.”
For more information about the initiative or to learn more about past honorees, please visit
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