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Sameep Ved is Marketing Expert and digital influencer.
Even though there have been rumours of a labour shortage and business closures, the pandemic’s extensive effects on the economy have not entirely been detrimental. The growing interest in entrepreneurship is one of the outcomes that have emerged favourably over the past two years.
Business owners are as common now as a soy latte. There appears to be one born every minute if entrepreneurs are genuinely born and not made.
So what exactly is the cause of this entrepreneurial explosion that we seem to have been heading toward covertly for decades? How exactly has entrepreneurship evolved in the twenty-first century?
It’s the younger generation
Did you know that JP Morgan had no significant financial success until he was in his fifties? In previous decades, it was normal to see business owners in their 30s and 40s succeeding. That was kind of the unwritten rule: before you proclaimed going into business for yourself, ensure you had a degree or two under your belt, the experience, and the motivation to realise your idea.
Today, entrepreneurs are significantly younger. Entrepreneurs no longer need to dress professionally in order to be considered seriously. A pair of flip-flops and a sweatshirt will do if you have an idea for the next prominent tech startup.
The glaring change in perspective
If you want to explore entrepreneurship, you join a sizable global club. That’s what the figures from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) would tell you. With an estimated 582 million entrepreneurs living worldwide, GEM surveyed 65 different global economies and discovered that pure entrepreneurship is still very much alive.
A recent study by GEM showed that 40% of newly-minted business owners in 35 of 50 different nations agree or strongly agree that their purpose for starting a business is to change the world and not just earn money.
Cannot miss the tech part
Technology is evolving, changing, and adapting at an exponential rate that, whether you’re ready for it or not, you can’t help but be carried away by a surge of advancement.
You might not believe we’ve progressed that far, but if you could travel back in time fewer than ten years, what you’d discover would astound you:
Every facet of how a business runs have changed thanks to technology, and never before in history has that change happened so quickly.
The boom in the diversity
An increasing number of female and minority entrepreneurs are entering the corporate world and succeeding, thanks to improved access to knowledge, business tools, and startup finance.
According to statistics on female entrepreneurs, 252 million of the world’s 582 million entrepreneurs are women. We can observe how women have an impact on the business when 153 million of them are already business owners.
As the newest generation of business owners reflects the expanding diversity of the nation, this tendency is anticipated to continue.
Marketing is Becoming the Main Focus of Entrepreneurs
The entire “marketing system” must be designed by entrepreneurs, from the price and product to communication and distribution today. The essence of marketing is the practice of attracting and keeping customers. They have to become more creative with their marketing strategies because it is expensive and challenging to introduce new goods and services to the market, which is particularly challenging for start-up businesses. Many business owners rely more on imagination than money to establish a distinctive brand in a crowded environment.
The Future
The role of entrepreneurship in society and the economy will remain unique. Only the means of entrepreneurship—not its core—have changed during the past years. Entrepreneurs respond to demand by supplying. They are the innovators who find solutions to issues that have never been addressed.
The global economy of today, which offers cutting-edge infrastructure, communication networks, affordable labour, and production tools, has made modern entrepreneurship challenging but rewarding. Entrepreneurs that can lead, solve problems, display ingenuity, adapt to changing conditions, and never give up will be successful.
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Views expressed above are the author’s own.
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