People use online collaboration to work from wherever they are working, remotely or situated in various company offices. File syncing and sharing, collaboration, and data replication all play a significant role in companies today, and they need to complete these tasks reliably and fast. 
However, these processes take time and need suitable systems for these solutions. They can cause data losses and security issues which is why your business needs file sync and replication software. 
EnduraData provides enterprise-grade file sync and replication software solutions to match even the most demanding business and public organizations, including the Social Security Administration (SSA.GOV).
The robust Enduradata system proved worthy of being chosen to replace the existing software replication system at SSA. Government agencies deal with critical data. SSA decided on the Linux data replication and file synching based on EndurData’s performance, security, and change-over capabilities, ensuring minimal disruptions and lapses to SSA’s web farm.
Online collaborations and file sharing across multiple systems increase productivity between colleagues and partners. However, besides supporting numerous operating systems and teamwork, a sound solution requires fast and smart file sync capabilities, constant access, and secure access and control.
Real-time integrations and multi-platform synching remain critical for companies when using file syncing. In addition, continuous backup of all digital content with built-in security systems makes the information available to all employees from wherever they need to reach the shared data.
As one of the best alternatives to Veeam and PeerSoft, EnduraData provides an effective organization and file sync process that is cost-effective, easy to use, has increased security, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities. In addition, EnduraData’s file sync and sharing software solutions ensure effortless and safe project management and completion.
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Effective data copying and updating into larger data stores from various isolated and distributed systems encourage consolidated reporting and faster analytics. The reason is that the data gets copied and synced between operational systems without interruptions to operations, streamlining the recovery process after an outage or data loss.
Companies use several ways to implement data replication, including log-based change data capture (CDC), trigger-based change data capture, and snapshot replication. Log-based CDC provides the best data replication because it immediately identifies and makes real-time system changes.
The latency of these data migrations across systems, even geographically separated ones, takes place in near-zero time, ensuring minimal susceptibility to latency and accuracy at all times. 
EnduraData is an excellent alternative to high-volume automated and scalable data replication solutions like Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, and Google PubSub.
EnduraData’s automated migration capabilities and data distribution system use a dashboard or a command line interface to configure and move the data between multiple geographic locations and operating and storage systems. In addition, companies can run the system in scheduled mode or in real-time. Other solutions included in the system are end-to-end security that provides for SSL/TLS encryption.
Since 2006, Minnesota-based EnduraData has created solutions for moving and backing up data within organizations. As a result, their efficient business processes increase productivity and allow better collaborations and the secure movement of data across systems.
CTO and Founder of EnduraData A. El Haddi said, “Our company selection by SSA as their Linux data replication and file synchronization providers results directly from our commitment to providing reliable, cost-efficient, and secure solutions for all organizations.” El Haddi continues, “These lead to more efficient processes that help with better decision-making, quicker access to analytics, and flexibility in a reliable and cost-efficient way.” 
The engineers at EnduraData have honed their skills in designing solutions for critical organizations like NASA, the National Weather Service, NOAA, and the Department of Defense. Their collective experience makes them a powerful team that innovates when creating software for critical applications required by public and private organizations.
Bottom Line
Data synchronization, whether through file syncing or data replication, is required by a large spectrum of public and private organizations and large businesses. EnduraData’s EDpCLoud software solutions have features that allow sharing and synchronization between multiple storages and operating systems across several locations and different hardware. 
Whether your organization’s systems are physical, virtual, or in the cloud, EnduraData allows you to leverage its capabilities to replicate or mirror data that ensure all locations remain in sync, securely – all in real-time. As a result, your business can immediately gain a competitive edge in your industry by cutting costs and risks.
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