If the only thing you know about sports is who wins and who loses, you are missing the highest stakes action of all. The business owners that power this multibillion dollar industry are changing, and a new era of the business of sports is underway.
UN Seeks $472.6 Million to Support Drought-Stricken Kenya
Egg Prices Soar in October to Top US Food Inflation List
Bank of Canada Says Financial System to Weather Rate Hike Risks
Fed Officials Are Focused on Tackling High Inflation, Mester Says  
Global Debt Pile Declines But Interest Bill Set to Surge, IIF Says
In Detroit, a Home for LGBTQ Youth Balances Being Seen With Being Safe
Stellantis Has Glut of Cars Stuck at Plant on Logistics Troubles
CD&R Is in Talks to Invest $1 Billion in Software Maker Pegasystems
Africa’s Largest Clothing Retailer Taps Booming Phone Market
Unilever May Launch Ice Cream From Cow-Free Dairy in a Year
All About the YPG, the Syrian Kurds Dividing Turkey and the US
France Accuses US of Pursuing China-Style Industrial Policy
Tragedy-Hit Family Has $29 Billion Fortune Locked in a Bitter Feud
Crypto Investors Face ‘I Told You So’ Moment at Thanksgiving
‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Leads Spirit Award Noms
Glass Onion Review: Knives Out Sequel Slashes At the Rich
Alexa, Will You Ever Make Money?
Working Moms’ Winter Math Is Getting Tougher
Disney’s CEO Boomerang Reveals Iger’s Biggest Failing
US Is Focused on Regulating Private Equity Like Never Before
How to Make Your Company Accessible for Disabled Employees
Tech Layoffs Send H-1B Visa Holders Scrambling for New Jobs
Google Urged by US Lawmakers to Fix Misleading Abortion Ads
Rainbow Flags Are Getting More Pushback at World Cup, Despite FIFA Promises
World’s Largest Energy Retailer Set to Sell Green Power in US
Southern Africa’s Largest Man-Made Dam Drains to Record Low
In Detroit, a Home for LGBTQ Youth Balances Being Seen With Being Safe
South America’s Resort for the Rich Seeks Year-Round Vibe
Berlin’s Beloved Transit Seat Design Escapes Legal Bind
Apollo Plans to Offer a New Fund on Blockchain With Fintech Figure
After FTX’s Collapse, Is Bitcoin Still Heading Into an Ice Age? (Podcast)
Coinbase Hits Record Low as Crypto Contagion Anxiety Intensifies
Photographer: Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Elon Musk is treating Twitter like a dying newspaper. But first…
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