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Being a successful entrepreneur and invariably committed to giving back to society is a rare combination of business and humanity. Steve Miley’s entrepreneurial journey is a classic example of a good samaritan turned into a businessman. He has always been moved by a firm belief that giving back fuels his journey ahead. Today he owns and co-owns multiple businesses and all of them directly serve the purpose of educating the average man that aspires to be a Trader or Investor. Providing financial literacy to the common man is one of the core components of his entrepreneurial pursuit.
Steve Miley was born in the East End of London in a Borough called Newham. During his school days, in the area he grew up in, not many got the opportunity to continue their studies and attend University. However, Steve fought against all odds and became one of the fortunate students who graduated from the prestigious University of Oxford. In 1991, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University (Lincoln College). Despite rising against all challenges in academia, Steve found himself encountered with an alcohol addiction, which gradually impacted his health.
His recovery journey from alcoholism had been a great lesson in his life which brought significant changes. After undergoing psychological transformation, this encouraged him to dig deep into his philosophical outlook and spirituality. The experience and journey of a recovered alcoholic taught him to see the human side of everything he deals with. Being a professional financial analyst, his primary goal was to ensure financial literacy among the common man and level the playing field in the market.
Today, Steve owns and co-owns a number of financial service firms, including FXExplained, Market Chartist, and TradeDay. The objective of the firm, FXExplained, is to ensure financial literacy among the average person who is interested in learning how to trade and make an income through it. It provides educational content that includes quality articles and reports that help aspiring traders develop a better understanding of what trading is, how to invest and how to trade. Market Chartist provides daily technical analysis, which covers 10 daily reports including US Equity Index Futures, G10 currencies, Crude Oil, and Gold.
TradeDay is a funding platform that helps people evolve as traders. It teaches them how to trade, provides a simulated market for them to practice, and opens a funded trading account for those who pass an evaluation challenge. The TradeDay platform provides aspiring traders with some of the tools professional traders use in professional trading groups, hedge funds, and banks. Those who pass the challenge are provided with initial funds to trade and earn an income through the platform.
Steve Miley has 30 years of financial market experience and is the founder, Director and Primary Analyst at The Market Chartist, producing multiple daily, award-winning technical analysis reports. The combination of his three-decades-long market experience, a solid intellectual background, a wealth of high-level connections, and a passion for charting, enables him to pursue his goal of ensuring financial literacy. Steve’s clients make winning decisions.
Serving as the Academic Dean for The London School of Wealth Management, a role in which he was truly honored to be in, enabled him to educate a diverse array of students on the financial market world. From 2009-2012, he took on the role as a Director of the FX Technical Analysis Research Strategy team at Credit Suisse and was previously at Merrill Lynch for 15 years from 1994-2009.
Over the years, Steve has achieved great success in his personal life and his career. His accomplishments include numerous awards. He was the 2013 winner of the Technical Analyst Magazine Award for Best Independent Fixed Income Research & Strategy. He was also a finalist in the Technical Analyst of the Year category each year from 2012-2017. He is a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (MSTA) and holds a Master’s Degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University (Lincoln College). As an analyst, Steve has covered all major asset classes, including Rates & Credit, G10 & EM currencies, Equity Indices & Sectors and Commodities and has strong relationships across the institutional and financial trading spectrum.
His commitment towards ensuring financial literacy among the common man and leveling the playing field for them continues to help a number of aspiring traders and investors evolve as experts in financial markets. Steve founded his entrepreneurial empire with determination and compassion attached to it. He continues to extend a helping hand by being a devoted Samaritan and inspiring future entrepreneurs.

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