PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – With holiday shopping around the corner, many will be looking to shop local for this holiday season.
Local businesses in the Mid-Ohio Valley — including Hornor and Harrison — are getting ready for “Small Business Saturday.”
This Saturday will be a time for many holiday shoppers to focus on not only shopping small, but learning about what these stores contribute to the community.
Hornor and Harrison owner, David Boone says that this day is a big day for all to help those in these local businesses in the area.
“It’s important I feel for people to shop local to help support businesses. So, we’re here. When you need something, local businesses are here to help you at that time. Plus, we’re involved with the community. And so, we appreciate those who come and shop local,” says Boone.
Boone says that the store usually sees more foot traffic on Saturday than it does on Black Friday.
Hornor and Harrison has a special offer to customers that includes 20 percent off everything in the store starting Thursday.
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