WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – It’s time to fall in love with western Massachusetts and this week, we’re highlighting Plato’s Closet in West Springfield, which is a perfect place to check out as we dive into the holiday shopping season.
Plato’s Closet in West Springfield is a retail business that buys and sells gently used and new items at a discounted price and now is the perfect time of year to check them out.
“It’s fun for the family and for everyone to come here and just shop around. You’ll find anything and everything here,” said Plato’s Closet store manager Gina Circosta.
Part of what makes Plato’s Closet so unique is the wide variety of items sold there for 50 to 70 percent off retail from clothes to shoes to handbags.
“We always have new items every day. We also have gift cards available. It’s a great day for shopping, especially for the holidays,” Circosta added.
Circosta told Western Mass News that their target audience is boys and girls in their teens to mid-twenties and they have a number of name brands.
“Pretty much anything, but some of our top sellers are Lululemon, Gym Shark, American Eagle, Aerie, Nike, Uggs, Timberland, name brands like that. Zara is very hot right now,” Circosta explained.
Clothes aren’t the only hot ticket item. You’ll find at Plato’s Closet that they also have a number of shoes, socks, purses, and accessories. However, if you aren’t in the market for adding new items to your closet, you can also sell some and make some extra cash right on the spot selling gently used or new items. Items are priced using a computer system based on the brand and how old the item is.
“We just ask you be 18 or older with a valid ID. We go through your belongings and see what we can sell in our store. It is same day process and it’s cash right on the spot,” Circosta said.
Oftentimes, sellers become buyers too.
“They come here and they sell their clothes and they put it all back plus some into the store,” Circosta noted.
Despite high inflation, Circosta said luckily, they have not had to increase any of their prices.
“A lot of the customers are actually very thrilled about the prices that we have here…The prices are pretty much the same. They like to know why we don’t go up on our prices actually,” Circosta said.
However, it’s not just the low prices that keeps customers happy.
“Fun place, fun environment, very friendly, just everyone who comes in here is grateful for the customer service and the experience they have in the store,” Circosta added.
Segment sponsored by Plato’s Closet.
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