Fulfilling a need is perhaps the oldest seed that plants a business.
A viral video that causes a business to take off, however, is a very contemporary strategy. 
Both of these were major factors for best friends and business partners Allie Dziewulski and Blanca Ulloa, whose bounce house rental company Jump Into Bliss was born out of a fruitless search and exploded thanks to a TikTok presence.
The idea was sparked when Dziewulski was planning her wedding, which would include 30 nieces and nephews plus children of other guests. Activities like coloring books weren’t going to cut it for an all- ages group. Dziewulski was perusing online for ideas and stumbled on a viral photo of a couple in London jumping in a large white bounce house.
She loved it and searched for a company that rented out these houses. She only found one in California and one on the East Coast. Nothing local. 
Dziewulski decided to be the solution. She raised her concept to Ulloa, who agreed to get in on it.
“Nobody’s doing this here. Why not? This is genius,” Dziewulski said of her thoughts at the time. “I was looking at it as something interactive for kids at a wedding. But we realized it could be a photo opp for brides and weddings.” 
In 2020, Jump Into Bliss was born, right before everything shut down due to COVID-19. Dziewulski said that was heartbreaking but it also gave them time to fine-tune details such as their logo, website and other branding. 
By the time everything was starting to open up, they had bounce houses ready to go. They also discovered TikTok, which was pretty new at the time. As they scrolled to see which videos were getting a lot of views, another lightbulb went off.
“There was a lot of personal life stuff, but we thought, why not do one on our business?” Dziewulski said. 
They started posting short clips and then time-lapse videos of them setting up these huge adult-sized bounce houses inflating and coming to life. 
Their first time-lapse video drew 23 million views, Dziewulski said. Jump Into Bliss went from having 200 followers to more than a million followers over the next several months. 
Doing many time-lapse videos of different styles and looks of the bounce houses is what really propelled their visibility on the platform, Dziewulski explained. 
“People would tell us, ‘We found you on TikTok.’ It was mind blowing. We hit a little gold mine,” she said. 
They continue to post a new TikTok video a few times a week and also do reels and posts on Instagram.
What started as an entertainment-based business launched during a pandemic now keeps its founders busy with an average of six events a week, all of which are held on weekends and are mostly private events. They are looking to expand so they no longer have to turn away potential clients due to the full calendar. 
Business is very seasonal. In October through March, they are in peak wedding mode with bridal showers and other wedding-related celebrations. The summer is packed with birthday parties and bachelorette parties. 
The bounce houses serve as a creative photo shoot setting as well as giving party guests of all ages a fun way to participate in the event. 
“Many brides and grooms go in with their dress and suit and get some fun pictures of them jumping. We’ve had a whole wedding party in the bounce house with kids,” Dziewulski said. 
Meghan Alfonso, owner of Scottsdale-based travel concierge and event planning business Girl About Town, discovered Jump Into Bliss through TikTok. Since then, she has used them for about 10 events, many of them bachelorette parties for out-of-town clients.
“It’s so different, unique and something we hadn’t seen promoted to this type of clientele,” Alfonso said. 
Jump Into Bliss has also loaned bounce houses for events to The Pearce Family Foundation, the non-profit Alfonso runs that supports families who have a child suffering from a chronic or life-threatening illness. 
“It’s really great working with two women who are hard workers. They really believe in the business and the product they offer,” Alfonso said. “They’re easygoing, fun women to be at the set-up with.” 
The bounce house has also become a popular add-on for groups, especially for Alfonso’s bachelorette party clients. 
“They absolutely love it. The bride-to-be runs in there and jumps in first. It brings out that kid inside us,” she said.
Dziewulski and Ulloa met in dental hygienics school. Neither became a hygienist, but what did come out of that was a great friendship. And more than 10 years later, a thriving business as well.
Dziewulski and Ulloa are among the 42%, or 13 million, of all U.S. businesses that are owned by women, according to the National Women’s Business Council. 
They own a dozen bounce houses ranging from a traditional style to ones that are shaped like a castle. The addition of curtains to make it more elegant and give it grown-up flair is one of Jump Into Bliss’s signature touches. 
The houses are kept in their storage facility in Goodyear. Every house is deep cleaned before each new rental. It takes about 30 minutes to set up, depending on how many features the client requests, such as balloons, a garland or a banner. They make sure clients have at least a half-hour with their completed house before the event’s start time. 
“We want to make sure it looks perfect for every client. That’s our Number One priority,” Dziewulski said. “They don’t have to worry about anything. We make sure everything is taken care of, giving that white glove service.” 
Dziewulski talked about seeing clients’ social media photos of how the bounce houses are being used. The bride and groom of a Sedona wedding with the red rocks in the background of the house was a magical, memorable one. 
“Just helping the client create a memorable event is so fulfilling,” Dziewulski said. “Seeing the client’s face when they see the bounce house blown up, and it’s exactly what they wanted.” 
What: Jump Into Bliss
Where: Goodyear
Employees: Three
Interesting stat: Of all U.S. businesses, 42%, or 13 million, are owned by women, according to the National Women’s Business Council. 
Details: jumpintobliss.com


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