LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – A restaurant is celebrating 100 years of being in business. It had many challenges including the pandemic and the depression.
From the roaring twenties till now, Harry’s place has been filled with lots of memories, hardships, and of course family. Restaurant owners told News 10 these past 100 years have been far from easy.
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“We went through the depression, prohibition,” said Huge Bates, Co-Owner of Harry’s Place.
But the hardest was 2005, when the Fisher Body Plant shut down. For decades it was a lunch stop for workers at the plant. Matt Bates said his family considered closing Harry’s. In the end, the Bates family decided the restaurant’s history was too much to abandon.
“Lots of determination, my mom is a very hard worker, you know she was here open to close,” said Matt.
He added, “I couldn’t tell you how many days you know we were down to a skeleton crew when the shop shut down there were only about 5 employees.”
Harry Andros opened the restaurant in 1922 on Lansing’s West side over a game of poker. He made sure it never left the family.
Harry’s great grandson Matt said they plan to keep it that way for years to come.
Even with all the hardships, The Bates always gave thanks to the community.
“They’re huge supporters of our community, and it’s just been amazing having them here. A blessing,” said Antionette King-Short.
She came in as a customer and left with a village behind her. Antionette isn’t the only one who is a regular, Mike Brown has been coming here since 1967.
“Just before lunch a place might only be a couple people here then all of a sudden, the crowd from there would come over,” said Brown. “And then Sexton High School, when they had open campus, they would come down here and the place was packed!”
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